Revolutionizing Automotive Aftersales
A comprehensive platform bringing automation, intelligence, and efficiency to vehicle service and repair
What if?
The good news: OEMs already possess the necessary, albeit currently "silent", data, awaiting the automakers’ commitment to empower it and necessitating an intelligent surveillance system capable of micro-to-macro algorithmic analysis and generative decision-making
What if
automakers could capitalize on their vehicles' over the entire lifecycle?
What if
warranty costs could be dramatically reduced?
What if
OEMs seized control over the brand-to-customer relationship?
What if
process and policy automation could help reduce time and expense? For instance, what if OEMs could detect quality issues on the fly, leading to a significant decrease in the time it takes to implement a recall?
What if
OEMs’ aftersales environment became a marketplace devoid of intermediaries and repair monopolies?
What if
Looking back, what if the patchwork of legacy systems consolidated into a single-entry-point, real-time, end-to-end, holistic, self-diagnosing, and self-healing ecosystem for all aftersales activities?
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What is Sinter?
The Platform is an infrastructure-level central hub for data, processes, and policies, benefiting stakeholders in aftersales, such as OEMs, service providers, suppliers, insurance companies, and customers.
Our software, Sinter Platform, automates aftersales management for connected devices, initially focusing on the automotive industry.
Service Platform automates decision-making for:
Our Motto: Help automakers gain a competitive edge by enabling vehicle data to address issues digitally, making the vehicle "hidden in plain sight" to the user
Main enablers
  • Asset Digital Twin
  • Telematics rule engine
  • Generative procedure builder
  • After sales designer
  • Procedure simulator
  • End-to-end aftersales operations
  • Analytics
  • Content management
  • Learning management system
  • Ecosystem
  • Marketplace
  • IT architecture
Our Approach
The digital life of a connected device should reflect its physical existence, utilizing the intelligence and circumspection of the device's software twin for actionable insights
Maximize visibility on vehicle health by gathering data at every touchpoint and then actively leveraging it to lower expenses, improve customer experience, and make smarter business decisions
Eliminate ambiguity in decision-making and execution via automation
Provide OEM-controlled real-time data-sharing protocols for all stakeholders to operate, collaborate, and transact using accurate data
Create an intuitive ecosystem for all participants to eliminate known deficits, such as monopolies, ultimately improving service pricing, quality, and customer experience.
Why Sinter Platform?
There is a dichotomy between service providers' fee-for-service approach, which focuses on vehicle repair, and OEMs' thinking, which centers around vehicle health optimization.

The automotive market currently operates in a fragmented manner, with numerous intermediaries, departmental silos, and a lack of communication or data sharing between OEMs, suppliers, and service providers. Aftersales is, thus, a cumbersome and slow process, with significant time-lapses between each step of cooperation.

OEMs require more visibility on vehicle health, missing out on a wealth of potential knowledge that could help them make faster and smarter decisions.

The industry faces challenges such as evolving megatrends and convenience economy pressure, growing repair/maintenance warranty costs, numerous new market entrants, aggressive electrification/decarbonization targets, increased vehicle complexity, regulatory changes, and AI technology.

It is crucial to adapt to these changes to remain relevant and maintain brand loyalty. Embracing data analytics and consolidating into one ecosystem are not just cost-cutting measures but preventative steps against financial detriment and loss of market relevance.
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